Where to Buy the Best Lace Front Wigs Online

Where to Buy the Best Lace Front Wigs Online

The days of the brick-and-mortar are nearing their end. Once upon a time, if you couldn’t find it in a physical store, you just weren’t meant to have it! With more specialized products, like wigs or hair extensions, customers were severely limited. I, personally can attest to the lack of options. For most people, purchasing extensions at the local Sally’s Beauty Supply store is where the choices end.

Where To Buy The Best Lace Front Wigs Online

It’s 2019, though. Thanks to online shopping, we don’t even have to leave our houses if we don’t want to! For clothing, gifts, and even furniture, there is an endless list of online stores just a Google search away. Our groceries can be delivered straight to our door. I mean, come on – we don’t even have to drive through for fast food anymore, thanks to UberEats and DoorDash! What a time to be alive.

Best Place to Buy Lace Front Wigs 

Understandably, buying a wig online can be intimidating. Believe me, I get it. You can’t try the wig on beforehand and it can make you hesitant. How can you be sure of the quality if you've never held it? You might feel wary of a lace front wig the site claims to be high quality, if you've never bought from there nor know anyone who has. How can you be sure it will look real on you?

Where To Buy Lace Front Wigs

At WigOutlet.com, we get it. We really do! But as you may or may not know, our online store is actually owned by Wigs.com, the most trusted online wig company for more than 20 years! It's safe to say, you've discovered our best kept secret. We provide high-quality wigs at affordable prices. We select our vendors based on demand and reputation. Ellen Wille, Noriko, and Jon Renau are just some of the names you’ll see on our site, and these are names you can trust.

You might be wondering how much a lace front wig costs. They are typically pricier than those without lace fronts, and then it depends on if its a synthetic wig our a human hair wig. Lace wigs require strands to be hand-tied to the delicate material. That specialized craftsmanship is what gives you the illusion of natural hairline. Still, there’s no need to break the bank! At WigOutlet.com, you get the best of the best, but at a price that's just right!

Editor’s Pick by Raquel Welch 


Wavy Lace Front Wig With Highlights

This gorgeous wig is one of our best sellers. Customers just love how natural this lace front wig looks. A heat-friendly synthetic wig, this style reaches the shoulders and falls in romantic loose waves. It is made with a hand-tied temple-to-temple lace front and a monofilament top. This means you can part or style any way you like!

Ignite by Jon Renau


Short Blonde Bob Wig

Turn up the heat with this synthetic lace front wig. Ignite by Jon Renau has angled layers that come together in a sleek bob. The salon-inspired rooted shades of Jon Renau’s pieces are beloved by wig wearers everywhere. Ignite is part of the SmartLace collection. The woven lace front of these wigs will conform to your head shape, giving you the most comfortable fit.

Zara by Jon Renau


Long Lace Front Wig With Highlights

Customers keep on coming back to Jon Renau's Zara Wig! It’s a definite favorite, thanks to the natural layers and feathered ends of this synthetic wig. The open weft construction of the cap, plus the SmartLace front, make this wig ventilated and cool. It’s ready to wear straight out of the box, so you won’t have to waste a second!



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