Wigs That Don't Break The Bank

Natural Looking Wigs That Won't Break The Bank

As the seasons change, many women are doing a closet purge and looking for new wig styles to add. However, when you are beginning your search for new summer styles, your dreams may be halted by high priced wigs.


Blonde Wigs


I am a self proclaimed person who has “champagne tastes on a beer budget”; so if there is a sale rack or a bargain bin, you can bet that is the first place you will find me in a store. And when I shop for wigs, the same thing occurs. Now, I have talked to many people of various ages and have found that my love for deals is not universally accepted. It seems that people don’t trust quality if they see a large sale tag on something. However, this simply is not the case for many things. Pretty much, as long as you aren’t buying the wig from a third party vendor (Amazon, eBay, etc) many retailers - even with sale products - are reliable, durable, and sell fabulous products. So after doing a bit of looking around, I found three wigs - currently on sale - that would blow you away.

Cute and Cheap Wigs for Women

Tori Wig by Rene of Paris

This is my favorite wig, hands down! For those who love a short bob, this is the perfect wig for you. It gives you that “just stepped out of the salon” look with a sleek angled cut with blunt bangs and a tapered back - helping keep you cooler as summer approaches. Styling takes less than two seconds and though it is a synthetic wig, it is always ready to wear and has the feel of natural hair.


Brown Bob Wig with Bangs by Rene Of Paris

Tori by Rene of Paris | Shop


Arrow Wig by Ellen Wille

For those who are looking for something a bit sexier, I would suggest this as the perfect place to start. It is a long wig, but a few snips by you or your stylist can shape this wig however you like with ease. The cap is open making it breathable and will keep your scalp cool as the heat intensifies this summer. If you aren’t looking to reshape it by cutting it, it also looks great in braids, curled, or pin straight. This is such a versatile wig and is perfect if you are ready to show your sexy side this summer.


Blonde Lace Front Wig

Arrow by Ellen Wille | Shop


Oprah-2 by Vivica Fox

Anything made by Vivica Fox is for sure to be a winner, but this one in particular is one of my absolute favorites. And now it’s on sale, so what is holding you back? It is a loose-mixed spiral curl with a side part with a very comfortable pure stretch cap. This wig is so comfortable and the part creates a beautiful illusion of natural hair growth at the part line. This is one of the most natural looking wigs I have ever seen, so if you are worried about thinning or losing hair, this wig can be the perfect confidence booster as you step out into the summer sun.


Curly Wig for Black Women


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