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Gently cleanses and clears away dulling residue. Formulated free of toxic parabens. Extend the life and beauty of your synthetic hair with BeautiMark™ Paraben-Free Hair Care Products. Directions: Remove tangles prior to washing. Pour a generous amount of BeautiMark™ Paraben-Free Shampoo into a basin of cool water. Delicately swish and cleanse. Rinse thoroughly. For best results, use all BeautiMark™ Products for Synthetic Hair.

SKU: BM400
Collection: Hair Care for Synthetic Hair
Product Type: Accessory
Product Weight: 8 oz
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United States United States
Love this wig.

Second one I bought. Receive many compliments.

Judith M.
United States United States
Good idea

I trust these are the best product for my synthetic wigs. I haven't tried the shampoo, yet, but the styling cream is excellent.

United States United States
Shampoo by beautimark

excellent product and great service!!

Rachel L.
United States
Beauty Mark products

I love this product. I have 4 wigs and the product made them look new all over again. This product came highly recommended by a friend.

United States
beautimark shampoo

the most recent purchase of beautimark shampoo was very disapointing. In the past I have purchased this shampoo and know that it has a distinct smell to it that I truly love. This last purchase was as if someone switched or cheated and got rid of the good stuff and filled up the bottle with something else. It will be a while before I trust to use it again... but when I do I will be hoping that it will be smelling good and working great like it did in the years past. So... I did not report it because how would I ever proove it? Plus to ship it back would have been a problem. So, if they had a problem in the warehouse where someone was stealing the original out of the bottles and replacing it with something else? then maybe just recheck the bottles before shipping them. I will try one more time to purchase and use this shampoo hoping that it will be the same great stuff. I will not keep trying It was so disapointing. This purchase I just did does still not smell right. It smells more fruity. I do not like the smell and it does not work the way the old one did. What did they do to the product? Can they go back to the old one? The one they used about a year ago or so? The smell was so wonderful. Now it is awful and cheap smelling. I think I might just switch because of it. I feel I am being cheated as a consumer by using the new version of it. Can you pass this information on? Thank you for allowing me to vent about it. I never said anything because I did not think anyone would care. Please tell the company to go back to the original product that they had about a year ago or more. It was truly fabulous. Now.... I think I will switch unless they contact me to replace it with the original. This review will be published anonymously because every company should have a chance to correct their errors. Tell them this new product does not smell or act like the old one and they have lost me as a customer unless they go back to the old product.