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Best Selling Salsa Large by Raquel Welch is a collar length, layered page that can be styled full or smooth - depending on your mood. It’s a wavy style with a wispy bang and built-in volume that gives you nice lift at the root. The layering around the face is very flattering, and the capless construction makes it lightweight, cool and comfortable. Salsa Large is a versatile style you can make your own and is also available in an AVERAGE cap size.


COLLECTIONSignature Collection
CAP DESIGNWefted / Basic
HAIR FIBERSynthetic Wigs
TEXTUREWavy / Curly Wigs
PRODUCT MEASUREMENTSFront: 5" | Crown: 5.5" | Sides: 5" | Back 5" | Nape: 5.5"
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BUYER BEWARE, this company does NOT issue refunds like they say will. GUARD Your post office receipt for months and months and months. Until you ever get refund, if you ever do. I DID return my wig, because it was way way too old fashioned and too fluffy. Lovely wig, lovely color, felt like real hair, but WOW, it was huge, old fashioned looking wig look. Looked like a wig from a block away. Looked like from a 1950s sit com hairdo. I wanted to put on a 1950 dress and apron and bake a cake in it. It was on my head all of 5 minutes, I did not damage the wig in any way, never even wore it, left tags on. I carefully packaged it in tissue paper and back into original box, and returned it promptly. I contacted company to let them know i was returning wig. That was in August.... It is now a month later, and the company says they never got my wig returned. This is slightly possible, due to covid, post office being slowed down, etc, but, all of the other wigs i mailed back to THREE other companies, all of those returns were all done at post office on same day, all the other 3 companies have alll got their returned wigs by now and issued refunds already. Everyone gave me my money back,except WigOutlet. Wig Outlet keeps asking me for tracking number, but, unfortunately, i have lost my tracking number. *sigh*. I am used to Amazon, who just quickly admits, "Yes, we got the item back". so i did not take good care of my tracking receipt from post office. IF IF IF WigOutlet ever does issue me a refund for this $100 wig? I will edit my review or take down this review.

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looks like a wig

Well, I am new to wigs. I spent some time, staring at the color swatches online, trying to choose which shade was best for me, an older woman with graying hair. (I have "covid hair" and am growing out my gray, and was looking for a wig to wear as I am sick of this **** growing out phase of my own covid hair) So, even though I thought that "butter toast" color looked gorgeous, I had to remember I am an older woman transitioning to gray so I finally chose "smoked walnut" as my choice, telling myself, if the wig looks good? Maybe I can come back and order that butter toast as well. The color of the wig when it arrived, did not exactly match my expectations based on that small swatch online. I like the way this here website, "wig outlet" does show a variety of poses and views of wigs, THANK YOU!! (most websites do not do that). I expected "smoked walnut" to appear to be brown with visible gray hairs scattered through it, however, it does not appear to have the scattered grays. INstead, it looks more like a gorgeous shade of a duller dark blonde-ish, light brown, which would be appropriate for an older woman to wear, or a woman of any age, really. A quiet, lovely shade of pale brown/blonde-ish hair. It was not a crazy color, looked naturalish for an older woman like me, however, it did not seem to have any visible gray hairs scattered through it. but i can not describe how pretty that smoked walnut color was. Hard to describe but very nice. today, i do not see the "smoked" walnut available as i post this, but, what a pretty shade it is. HOwever, the wig itself was way too fluffy for me. I have seen some clever videos online from women who know how to flatten down a wig with flat irons on low, or thin the wig with thinning shears, etc, but, I am not that clever. I will be returning this wig. It is really gorgeous, very nicely made, hair looked like real hair to me, and I liked Everything else about it, the cap was nice inside, and no lace front, just a nice normal wig without anything tricky for a beginner like me. I was so happy to find this wig but, Salsa wig was just way way way too fluffy for me personally. This may be due to the fact I am older gal, and perhaps a younger woman would be more comfortable with such fluffy hair. The fluffiness seemed overdone and I thought that it made it appear fake-ish on my head. If you like fluffy wigs? this is for you. Or, if you know how to thin out a wig? this is an otherwise Very pretty wig. Also, I was so glad to find this wig came in size Large. Yay. Sadly, I have a huuuuge head, a whopping 26.5 inches around, making most wigs unavailable to me. Yet, I was still able to barely fit this size large wig onto my head. Yay. My plan was, i would just make snips all around the wig to get my head into it. IF I was keeping it, I would have had to make some snips in wig for daily wear, to prevent headaches, because my head is so big. I could have done that to this wig. Anyway, if you are a big head like me, you could buy this wig and just google how to enlarge a wig by cutting it a bit. It can be done.

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The color was off, which was my fault, but the wig as a whole was disappointing. The fibers feel incredibly rough, when I thought Raquel Welch wigs were supposed to have silky fibers. I am returning it. I was thinking of getting the Salsa in another color, but I'm hesitating because of the quality of the fibers.

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Raquel Welch Salsa

Excellent. The fastest shipping I have experienced from any mail order. I have two wigs of the Salsa and this one was excellent also. I will definitely buy from this outlet again.

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Great piece. Easy to put on, stays in place and looks sooooo good! Wore for the first time on a cruise; lots of compliments and actually had 3 "I want one's".