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Wing Comb Le Natural consists of Interlocking Wing Combs: Two 6" strong combs that have teeth evenly spaced so that when pushed together the teeth hold and interlock in and under your own hair. This fabulous look is made with 100% human hair from India, selected for its soft European-like texture... truly the "creme de la creme" of instant hair extensions! Because it's human hair, even perms and curling irons can be used to create the look you want. It lasts and lasts! Can be re-styled with use of permanent waves and re-colored with use of non-peroxide hair colors. Would you believe these models have short hair of their own? This hairpiece attaches to your hair with a banana comb clip in just minutes! Made from the highest quality Remy Indian Human Hair.

Collection: Pony Express
Product Type: Hairpiece
Hair Type: Remy Human Hair
Product Weight: 3.5 oz
Overall Length: 16"