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Evanna Mono by Amore is a shoulder length wig with salon finish beach wave curls. Evanna Mono features a double monofilament top and lace front for a natural looking hairline.



Product Type:


Cap Size:


Cap Construction:

Lace Front | Double Monofilament Top

Hair Type:

Synthetic Hair

Approximate Length:

Fringe: 8”-12”" | Crown: 8”-12” | Nape: 5.5”

Product Weight:

3.56 oz

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Returns or Defects??

I understand that the wigs are returns, and are subject to washing and restyling by wig outlet. However, I purchased 3 of Evanna. 2 Evanna Mono, and one ROP Evanna. Only ONE is wearable. One has a completely sparse front - across the entire front of the wig that is an obvious defect. The second has been cut. The A-line shape has been rounded in the front to a completely different style with a 5-inch fringe that drops to the 12-inch sides and then to the sharp angle in the back. The style resembles a Nike Swoosh. I have purchased many, many wigs from wig outlet, and lately, more are being returned or thrown in the bin than kept. (Yes, one I didn't catch until the 30-day window had passed and it ended up in the bin). The low cost is enticing, but the lack of quality is remorseful. Time spent in returns then ordering elsewhere due to receiving a $150-$200 piece of rubbish gets tiring, very quickly. I am to the point that I had rather pay more for peace of mind and know there is actually some sort of quality control than a $200 thrown in the garbage. I have 2 different styles than these that are considerably more expensive on the way... and honestly, instead of being excited about my wig outlet purchase - I am dreading opening the boxes. I guess everything runs its course and my patronizing wig outlet has reached even my limits. Eight months ago, I would barely ever return a wig and felt confident about my wig outlet purchases (Covid19 and all). Now, 2 out of 3 purchases arrive cut or obviously defective units that should have been tossed instead of sold. Yes, 2 out of 3 are not wearable, considerably altered, or defective.