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A truly luxurious switch that offers extraordinary styling flexibility! It comes to you already pre-braided. And, the exceptional fullness throughout the 26" hair length makes it perfect for creating elegant chignons that can cover the entire back of the head. Attachment: If your hair is long enough, make a ponytail at the back area of the head using a rubber band...fold braided switch in a at back of head and secure with a series of larger sized bobby-pins (or oversized hairpins). If you have shorter hair, you can make a series of pin-curls crossed with regular sized bobby-pins throughout the back area of the head. Then, secure chignon using larger sized bobby-pins or oversized hairpins.

SKU: LL227
Collection: Braids & Switches
Product Type: Hairpieces
Hair Type: Synthetic Hair
Product Weight: 3.9 oz
Overall Length: 30"