Currently Trending Hairstyles

Currently Trending Hairstyles You Can Get With Wigs!

Looking for the latest haircut of 2019? Maybe you want some inspiration for your next color choice? We have the top five looks you are going to see everywhere this year.

Dirty Blonde Wigs

A popular trend that always seems in style is to lighten hair to blonde. For 2018, dirty and muted blondes are in. Making a statement in this color was Selena Gomez with her two tone blonde. It was deemed the Nirvana Blonde. If you are looking to lighten all over but don't want the taxing damage this is a good choice as its gentle on the roots. But you can also get the look with a human hair wig or synthetic wig and not have to cause any damage to your natural hair at all!

Bubble Up With a Pontytail Wig

A unique style that has been popping up on runways and fashion magazines is the Bubble Ponytail. Simple like its' name, a sleek ponytail is decorated with several more hair ties along the hair creating a bubble effect. Looking to make it really stand out? Add neon elastic thread or scrunchies.

Embrace Natural Waves With Curly Wigs

2017 saw a movement to natural curls and kinks. That train won’t be stopping as we roll into 2019. Even more so in fact! Throw away your relaxer and straighteners and try styling out your own natural curl. We love BeautiMark Shaping Creme. It is a paraben-free to help shape and smooth away frizzy synthetic curls.

Wig Accessories

Remember all those headbands and barrettes you had scattered around your room as a kid? Well you will be happy to know that they are going back in style. Double barrettes in your wig hair is a big statement on this years runway so far. If you want to be on-point this year, then either dust off your old box of hair accessories or start investing in some new decoration to make your own hairstyle pop.

Platinum Silver Wigs

Probably the most widely popular hair trend is adding silver sheen to your color. Last year was all about the unicorn rainbow pastel colors. This year if you want to match the hair of the rich and famous then trade in those crazy fantasy colors for smooth shiny silver.


Styles this year have ranged from all over color in cute pixie or bob cuts to long grown out ombre accents. No matter how you swing it, you’re going to need some high quality shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair color fresh and healthy. BeautiMark 5pc Pure Care System for Human Hair is designed specifically for chemically treated hair. This kit comes ready packed with everything you need to keep your platinum wig looking fresh and also healing the intense process can sometimes cause. Included is a gentle cleansing shampoo, hydrating conditioner, intensive recovery mask, daily leave in protectant, and shine serum to keep your hair looks smooth and fresh. Best of all it is toxic free!

Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

Whether you are looking to try out this years hair trend or break out your scrunchies from the past, you can’t go wrong when you pick one of these five hottest hairstyle trends of 2018.

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