Are Human Hair Wigs right for you?


 Human Hair Wigs are are great choice for those who love a high quality look with a soft and natural look and feel. They have many benefits that include the ability to style just like biological hair. They have incredible movement and usually come with a lace front that gives a very natural looking hairline. 

All that said, human hair can come with it's negatives, too. It's usually more expensive than synthetic wigs as it's very high in quality. This is where synthetic wigs have a great leg up! They are very affordable wigs and can have a very natural look, just like human hair wigs. Depending on the type of synthetic wig fiber you purchase, you can even have the option of styling a synthetic wig just like human hair, up to 350 degrees! 

So, here's a breakdown of the different wig fibers so you can weigh the pros and cons, yourself! And find the perfect wig for you!

  • offers the most natural look & feel
  • presents the most styling versatility
  • requires more styling - especially after washing
  • typically more expensive than synthetic hair
  • very durable - can last over a year with proper care*
  • higher quality synthetic hair offer a look and feel quite similar to human hair
  • offers limited styling versatility (hot tools cannot be used)
  • requires little maintenance & can usually be worn right out of the box
  • typically more affordable than human hair
  • less durable than human hair — 4-6 months with proper care*
  • are the highest quality human hair available
  • hair cuticles kept running in uniform direction resulting in less tangling
  • more careful collecting and processing techniques result in higher quality product and contribute to higher price
  • the most durable hair type
  • offers more styling versatility (hot tools may be used - max 350°)
  • can be more challenging to style than human hair
  • special care must be taken to avoid tangling
  • colors may vary from non-heat-friendly synthetic hair
  • less durable than regular synthetic hair — 2-3 months with proper care*


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