Realistic Looking Wigs

Wigs That Look Real and Are Affordable

Have you ever said the following: “I don’t want a wig that looks ‘wiggy.’” Somehow, you know exactly what that word means. “Wiggy” is not an actual word. You won’t find it in any dictionary. Yet, we all know with utmost certainty what it means. “Wiggy” is when a hairpiece just doesn’t look natural. Sometimes it’s an overzealous perma-tease. Other times, it’s an overly slick shine. It’s hard to describe, but we all know it when we see it.

Realistic Looking Wigs

Choosing the right wig is an art. Typically, you want to look for a lace front with a monofilament cap for the most natural look. The lace front handles the hairline at the front, while the monofilament cap gives you a realistic part. Both involve the wig hair being tied directly into a mesh or lace base. This allows airflow (yay!) and a looks as if the hair is growing right out of the scalp (double yay!). Unsurprisingly, these tend to be the priciest options. It makes sense. You get what you pay for. 

What about the material? Do you have to go with human hair wig for a natural look? Yes, if it was 20 years ago. Today, with all the advances we have made in wig construction, you’re good to go with either type. Human hair, of course, has the benefit of being the real thing. Synthetic hair, meanwhile, is ready to wear and doesn’t lose its style.

Synthetic Hair Wigs 

For you, perhaps the most natural look would be synthetic. Personally, I don’t have the time to style a human hair wig. One look at my biological hair and that’s clear. Naturally, a human hair wig would be just as neglected. Every day would be ponytail day. For me, a synthetic would be the most realistic wig purely because it’d be styled.

What’s natural and realistic to one person isn’t the same to another. It’s all a personal choice. Still, you might want to focus on the lace front and monofilament features. These features give you the most natural look. You don’t have to break the bank just to own a realistic wig. I’ve listed some of my affordable favorites below.

Kitana by Envy

Add a little edge to your life with this bold wig. Kitana by Envy is a low maintenance wig that looks so natural. Kitana perfectly frames the face with closely chopped layers and wispy bangs. It’s made with synthetic hair, so it’s ready to wear at all times. You’ll love the full monofilament top for how it mimics the look of hair growing of the scalp. Plus, it allows maximum airflow for a comfortable fit. 

Lasting Impression by Gabor 

Forget the first impression. You are the type to leave a lasting impression. You will 'wow' them all in Lasting Impression by Gabor. The cut ends right at the shoulders for a length that flatters everyone. This ready-to-wear style comes with textured layers that are perfect for adding a side-swept bang. This synthetic wig offers the realistic must-haves: the lace front and the monofilament part.  This wig is available in rooted colors. This means the wig includes the look of root growth. This is yet another feature that makes your wig look natural.

Play It Straight by Raquel Welch 

Play It Straight by Raquel Welch is a youthful wig in a timeless style. The long bob hits right below the chin for just enough length. The subtle layers give volume and texture. If you prefer, you can trim up the front layers for a cute bang. This wig comes with a ready-to-wear lace front and a monofilament part in the cap. I love how this versatile shape complements every face shape. Consider this more evidence for my belief that a bob works for everyone.


When you want a realistic wig for a realistic price, it’s important to know what features to look for. Try to find a lace front or a monofilament top or both! Great wigs offer great details, but when it comes to budget, the best details win. Avoid looking “wiggy” by shopping smart!

What’s the most natural wig you’ve ever tried? Let us know in the comments!

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Hi Lois,

We have a variety of styles on our site that are light-density! We have provided a link below with those options:

We would also recommend the brand Ellen Wille. Many of her styles are light in density, and our clients love her pieces.

Thank you,

Wig Outlet Experts

Wig Outlet Experts

Hi Marie,

The smallest size we carry is petite (21" in circumference). The pieces we carry on our site will have adjustable straps you can use to size up to 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches.

We hope this was helpful!


Wig Outlet Experts

Wig Outlet Experts

Who carries small (NOT PETITE) wigs?
My head is small like Taz’s w/very thin and fine hair, my face is slightly sq/oval shape. Can you help me, please?


I wear wigs all the time but have to thin some of them out before I can wear them. I’ve heard of “low density” wigs that have finer hair and less of it. I’ve always had thin, fine hair and do not look natural in a regular wig. Do you have any wigs of the low density variety? Thank you.

Lois S.

I was looking for a black wig

Rita Swastyaneek

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