Wigs on Amazon

Wigs on Amazon

Let’s be frank. Everyone has been tempted to buy a cheap costume wig online from Amazon or other similar online retailers. And why not? It is easy on your wallet; shipping is fast and very often free, and it appears as if it would be very low risk. Sometimes, this is the case. However, this is not what happened to me.


Wigs on Amazon


This past Halloween, I had finally found the perfect outfit to become my favorite movie character and overall favorite ever person: Wednesday Addams. Yes, I know, this is a weird person to be so enamored with; however, something about her bluntness and overwhelming belief in her ability to do anything and everything she wanted. She also never took crap from anyone which - as a young adult - was something I was lacking. I had decided against doing Christina Ricci’s film version and instead decided to go with the online phenomenon known as “Adult Wednesday Addams.” All the best parts of being an Addams with the addition of not trying to dress up like a character more than ten years younger than me.

Should I Buy A Wig On Amazon?

Now, I am in college, so the idea of buying a wig was a daunting task as I am a bit strapped for funds - and I was NOT going to dye my hair. So with not a lot of time to spare and a desire to spend as little money as possible, I decided to hit up Amazon.com. Though I did some research and I thought I had found a good option for myself. When it arrived two days later, I was bitterly disappointed.

I decided against a wig with braids because that seemed like too much of a risk - especially since I have worked with wigs before in theater, so I figured that I could style the hair how I wanted. So I ordered a long, jet black, “human hair” wig and when it came in the disheveled bag, it was clear that what I thought I had ordered was not what showed up at my door. When I put the wig on my head, I found that the stitching on the part was subpar at best and you were able to see my hair through the wig cap underneath - which was a problem as my hair is red and the wig was black.

Going about buying a wig is difficult. But, if you take away one piece of advice, it is spend the money, and do your research. Looking into different retailers and paying attention to reviews and online article reviews, will help you avoid a situation like mine.

I hope this journey I have had will help you and I wish you luck into your journeying into the online wig market!

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