Why Wear Wigs?

Why Wear Wigs?

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Should I Wear A Wig?

Some people may think that if you wear wigs, you are doing so because you are either self-conscious about your hair or because you don’t have any hair of your own. And if you are wearing a wig and you don’t have follicle concerns, then why on earth would you cover up your natural hair? Are you just unhappy with your hair? Why would you bother when you could just style your own hair? Isn’t that just being selfish and vain?

These questions and more have been raised to me on the days I opt to wear one of my fabulous, discounted wigs and it can be incredibly frustrating when my only answer is that I wear wigs because I like them and I see them as a style choice, not a security blanket. A few weeks ago, I came across someone who had quite a bit to say about my hair choices, and after a while, I couldn’t even understand their argument as to why my wearing wigs was so bad. After this most recent conversation, I compiled a list of questions I frequently received with appropriate answers that won’t come off as negative or angry at the person who asked the question.




“Are you wearing a wig?”

  • The first, and most major problem with this question of course being the tone. Though most people tend to clap back with, “Why do you ask?” there are other ways to approach this question. Do your best to keep your composure when someone does ask you, especially a friend, because you never know what their reason might be. Someone might be dealing with hair loss and is seeking out a solution for it. If a stranger approaches you and asks, it can be a little bit awkward but be honest. A wig is nothing to be ashamed of and you should never allow anyone to make you feel like it is. Especially when you buy your wig with an amazing discount! Sharing your experience with others might encourage them or give them the strength to deal with their own personal issues.

“Why do you wear wigs?”


  • This question is asked because many people think wigs are utilized strictly by those who are losing their hair or are doing some sort of theatrical performance. If you are wearing a wig because of a hair loss situation, do not see this as an attack, but as someone asking a genuine question.
  • If you are not falling under that category, then the best way to go about this is to respond directly, but not rudely. You can use this opportunity to explain why you find wigs appealing and how they have different uses and provide so many options for so many different people.


The bottom line for all of these questions is to respond with respect, even if you are shown none. If you maintain your composure, you will be much more likely to be well received than if you clap back with something equally rude.

People are allowed to express themselves in whatever way they see fit that best displays who they are and who they want to radiate to the world. Just because you do not understand does not mean that it isn’t something that is someone else’s saving grace.


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