Valentine's Day Gifts for That Special Someone With Hair Loss

Valentine's Day Gifts for That Special Someone With Hair Loss

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, are you starting to panic about what to get your loved one?

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is always hard—and it can be particularly difficult when your special someone is suffering from hair loss. But no need to fear! If you’re looking for an affordable gift that can provide your loved one with relief, and make her look and feel beautiful, use these five great gift ideas to get you started!

Beauty Products

If your loved one seems to have lost confidence in her appearance, beauty products are the way to go! Anything that highlights or enhances your loved one’s eyes is a great option: a solid eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, or eyebrow stencil that suits her skin tone will do wonders.

If you’re not sure what type of products your special someone uses or likes, a gift card to her favorite boutique is always a safe bet. And if your friend wears human hair wigs, BeautiMark’s shampoo and conditioner for Human Hair will definitely be appreciated! An added bonus, she can use this on her natural hair as well! If she likes synthetic hair, there's a system for that, too! 

Cute Hats

A stylish hat can help conceal hair loss and showcase what makes your special someone beautiful! Bring a few photos of your loved one with you to the store, and work with a stylist to find a hat that will work well with her facial shape. Make sure to find a hat with a breathable fabric like cotton so it won’t irritate her scalp. 

Soft Scarves

If you know that hats and beanies aren’t your loved one’s thing, try a soft scarf! There’s numerous varieties available. A pre-tied one will make getting ready in the morning a snap. Or, if her hair loss is likely to be temporary, you could purchase a longer one that she can later just use to stay warm in the winter cold! Whatever hat you choose, silk fabric is always a great choice for sensitive skin.

Spa Day

Regardless of whether you’re suffering from hair loss, a reservation for a nice massage or day at the spa is always an excellent Valentine’s Day gift! Hair loss sufferers will enjoy all the pampering and, depending on their selected treatments, feel in charge of their looks again. Make sure to do your research, though! Ask a wig stylist or specialist for recommendations to ensure that the spa in question uses safe, organic products, and that the masseuse and general staff are sensitive to hair loss concerns.

A New Wig!

Product shown is Zara by Jon Renau

While buying your loved one a new wig is definitely a risk, if you know her and her needs well, it could be exactly what she’s looking for! I’d suggest a low-maintenance synthetic wig that she can wear whenever she’s not up up to styling her human hair wig—something glamorous like Zara by Jon Renau or Upstage by Raquel Welch might just be the flirty, feminine style she needs!


Tell us your great gift ideas in the comment section below!

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