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Best Red Wigs For Your Skin Tone

So, you’re thinking about changing your hair color, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Well, allow us to introduce you to the world of the ginger. Yes, we’re talking about those gorgeous red heads! Red hair wigs are not only super sexy, but it also looks good on just about anyone regardless of your skin shade. It all boils down to which shade of red you choose if you want to get the full effect of the look. What do we mean by the right shade you may ask? Keep reading to find out how to take the plunge into the world of red hair.

Best Red Wigs for Your Skin Color

Doing a quick search of the best types of red hair shows you just how versatile red locks can be. You can go from the lightest by doing a subtle strawberry blonde which accents reddish highlights all the way to a full-blown burgundy which just oozes fierceness. You can even do a happy amber red hair in the middle if you want the best of both worlds. That only leaves one question: where should you start? For starters, you need to be honest about your natural hue. Your actual skin shade will tell you which shades of red will work best for you.

Wigs for Fair Skin

If you have skin that is a bit of the lighter, fairer side, then you want to go with the warmer shades of red like strawberry blonde, copper, or just plain red. You don’t want to go with anything darker than red because the darker shades will make you look pale and possibly washed out. Prevent this from happening by sticking to these warmer shades. Your red head celeb is going to be Emma Stone. She sports a beautiful copper red, blunt cut bob with a side part. Talk about classy!

Long Natural Red Hair |

 For fair skin: try the color R30/28/26 from Estetica 

Wigs for Medium Skin Tones

Next, you have the medium skin tones. Those that have a medium shade have a little bit more wiggle room in their color choice. You can go as light as the coppery blonde and all the way down to a dark auburn shade. Now, just like the fair ladies, you also don’t want to go too dark. As opposed to making you look washed out, your skin will instead make you look a bit on the yellow side. Although we love the sun, you might not want to have a yellow glow all the time. A great go to red head celeb would be Ariana Grande whose wearing her long natural red hair into a loose ponytail. Simplicity at its finest!

Red Head Celebs |

 For medium skin: try the color Auburn Rooted from Ellen Wille 

Wigs for Dark Skin

Last but not least, we have the darker skin tones. Those with darker skin look best with the cooler of the red tones because it accents the skin and makes you look nothing short of glamorous. Chestnut browns, burgundy, and even red velvet are your absolute best options. You don’t want to get anything too light because it might contrast too much with your skin. Also, you want to be careful when using super reds because the wrong shade could make you look green! Your go to red head celeb is going to be Keke Palmer whose adds a bang to her long red hair which creates a bit of edge to the look.

Bright Red Wig

For dark skin: try the color Sunset Red from Tony of Beverly 

Whether it’s a curly amber red hair or long natural red hair, you just about can’t go wrong with the style. Your red hair will already be a head turner, so any will only make you stand out more. Dare to be different and tell us about it in the comments!

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