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Raquel Welch’s success as an actress and a singer seemed to trickle into her own projects as well. Raquel started her name brand wig collection over twenty years ago and the success of these best-selling wigs could not have been greater!

The movie star lent her knowledge and expertise to this particular line of fashion to bring forth some of the best wigs, hairpieces, and extensions in the beauty industry. Each piece has innovated colors, styling, and functionality to bring wig-wearers a simple pick at quality wigs.

Wigs Outlet sells the of the best Raquel Welch wigs for up to 70% off! To help you filter through the 100+ options on our website, let us introduce you to Raquel Welch’s best-selling wigs:


This feathered creation is a personal favorite of Raquel Welch herself. The short pixie cut is riddled with layers, giving you high-voltage volume. Each layer is has a flared style from the nape to the peak, giving an all-around bold look. The bangs are a simple side-sweep that bodes perfectly with the overall wig. It has Vibralite synthetic hair fiber that makes it look and feel lime real human hair.

Voltage comes in variations of red, brown, and blonde. It’s a synthetic wig that comes in sizes average to large. With all of the different ways you can style her, it’s a no wonder this is one of Raquel Welch’s best-selling wigs.

Raquel Welch Wigs

Editor’s Pick

The wig, dubbed The Editor’s Pick, is a short, romantic wig that will look good on anyone! Its modern look has subtle bangs and soft waves make this one of the best Raquel Welch wigs. The Editor’s Pick is a heat-friendly synthetic wig, complete with a lace front and monofilament features.

This wig is the ultimate choice if you’re looking for something natural and easy to maintain!

Top Billing

This one is a heat-resistance hair piece that is a great addition if you want more volume. Top Billing is best suited for those with mid-length hair and works on just about any face shape. It includes a lace front and monofilament top, which means this piece will look seemingly natural and fit comfortably.

This wig is offered in a multitude of colors including Ash Blonde, Silver Mist, and Fiery Copper.


If you’re looking to turn heads, then you’ll want to try out Upstage, one of Raquel Welch’s best-selling wigs! This perfect layered bob works for any generation and comes in platinum blondes to dark, rich browns. This layered bob creates a natural look unlike any other, making her one of the best Raquel Welch wigs.

She is royally elegant with 100% hand-tied top, a monofilament top for versatility, and a ready to wear lace front. Upstage offers Tru2life heat-friendly capabilities so that you can create a style that is tailored to your favorite looks.

Winner Average

The Winner average is a sharp-edge pixie cut that gives the wearer a fierce look. A reason why this is one of the best Raquel Welch wigs is probably due to the fact that this is one comes in rare colors scubas Gradient Smoke.

With simple bangs, an extra layered top, and soft fibers, the Winner Average is smart choice for anyone looking for an adventures appearance.

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The WigOutlet Team

For months now there have only been a few colors for Raquel wigs. When will you have the full array of colors again?

Janice Johnson

Hello Anita,

We apologize for the confusion, however Raquel Welch doesn’t have a color called Smoked Platinum. She does have a color called Shaded Platinum, but unfortunately we currently don’t have that available in the Voltage by Raquel Welch.

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Raquel Welch voltage wig in Smoked platinum in stock? And what price? Thank you

Anita Shull

Looking for Raquel Welch. voltage wig in Smoked platinum. Do you have in stock at what price? Thank you

Anita Shull

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