Poolside Wig Styles at a Great Price!

With all of the fun excursions and weekend getaways many of us will be embarking on this summer, it is important to be frugal where you can to make the most out of your budget and your vacation. Whether that means having a few really good wigs that you can swap out - or having a few reserved for special occasions ONLY - the money we have saved up can dwindle very quickly.


Budget Friendly Poolside Looks

But what if you could create a bunch of different looks with only a few products? For those budget conscious ladies this summer: here are a few styles that you can try that will not break the bank. How so? They use 4 or less products and you can use the same extensions bundle for all of them - provided you use the proper upkeep and care.


Top Knots With Wigs


Top Knot


What you need:

  • Your favorite long wig
  • Hairspray
  • Extension safe comb
  • Hair Ties

How do I get the look?

This style is incredibly simple, but classic. Whether you are attending a bridal shower, baby shower, a brunch with the girls or hitting up the beach, this look will keep you looking snatched all day. For this look, pull all your hair up into a ponytail (you can leave a few tendrils out if you wish to frame your face; or if you have blunt bangs let them be - they will add a bit of edge to the look). Seperate the ponytail into 2-3 sections based on the volume and amount of hair you have. Take the sections and wrap them around each other until you have a comfortably secured knot. Then take either a scrunchie or your favorite hair tie and secure the bun. To finish off, spray a bit of comfort hold hairspray or a texturizing spray to add some hold and frizz protection to the look.


The “Elsa” Braid


Elsa Style Braide


What you need:

  • Your favorite mid-length or long wig
  • Hairspray
  • Hair tie

How do I get the look?

Side braids are always going to be the perfect summer style. It keeps your hair off your neck, but also allows for some whimsy and natural perfection. The first step is to take all of your hair and put it over one shoulder. Starting from the nape of your neck on the bare shoulder, begin braiding around and down the other side. The texture and pattern of the braid is up to you and the amount of hair you have, so have fun with it! Once you finish the braid, secure it with a hair tie and finish off with hairspray for a little shine and hold.


The Messy Half-up Do


Messy Bun Hairstyle



What you need:


How do I get the look?

This look is so natural and pretty that it gives off both summer and mermaid hair goals. Once you have your heat-friendly wig in place, curl your hair to add some loose waves. Once you have the wave texture you like, take your comb and starting at the top of your ear, section the hair into two sections - top layer and bottom layer. With the top section, you will do something similar to the top knot where you basically tie your hair in a knot. Secure with bobby pins and let it be as messy or as put together as you wish. This style is supposed to be natural and look a bit disheveled so don’t be worried if it isn’t perfect or symmetrical!

What are your favorite hairstyles for lounging by the pool?

Please note*: Our WigOutlet.com guest writers share their opinions and experiences and we appreciate them!

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