Keep Warm With Long Wig Styles This Winter!

Keep Warm With Long Wig Styles This Winter!

Still looking for a new wig to wear this winter, but not sure where to start your search? Long wigs offer all the benefits of long hair without the inconvenience: no split ends, no shedding hair everywhere, and hardly any maintenance. And if you wear a synthetic wig, you won’t even have to worry about the weather ruining your long, perfectly styled mane. Read on to discover four select long wig styles that will keep you warm throughout the winter holidays!

Go Blonde With Your Wig

Going blonde is always on trend, and long blonde locks never cease to dazzle. And since you’ll be selecting the wig, you won’t have to worry about regretting your selected shade of dye! If you’re looking for a bolder shade, the heat-resistant synthetic blonde wig Napoli by Vivica Fox in GM613/27 has the perfect blend of platinum and honey blonde layers, while softer, human hair wigs like Angie by Jon Renau in 14/88H offer a subtler, pale blonde glamor.

Platinum Blonde Wig

Definitely do some research and experiment with your makeup and skin tone to make sure you select your perfect shade of blonde! For a personal consultation, give us a call and we'll help you get the best match. 

Captivating Curly Wigs

If you want to be the life of the party this winter, a lively, bouncy curl might be for you. Carefree curly wigs are one of our favorite choices this winter because:

  • They're practically designed for playing in the snow
  • The messier they get, the cuter you look!
  • Human hair wigs with wet, loose curls hold up well in any weather (especially with the right product)
Human Hair Wigs for Black Women

The gorgeous Queenie by Vivica Fox is a perfect example of this style, and since it’s a lace front wig, you’ll still feel light and comfortable after a full day of sledding!

Embrace the Waves With Wavy Wigs

For a softer, understated look, try out some winter waves! Long, wavy wigs offer endless possibilities for styling: side parts, messy braids, half updos, buns, ponytails, and topknots are just a few of the options at your disposal. Christina is perfect if you want light, blended waves toward the ends of your hair, while Amber is better if you want more volume, but still want to look professional. Whatever wavy wig you choose, aim for flexibility!

Straight, Sleek Wigs

Dreaming of the perfect long wig to wear while you’re cozying up with someone special by the fire? Super straight wigs are the way to go! You’ll never have to worry about a single hair being out of place. For maximum cinematic potential, I love the eye-catching, ready-to-wear Robin by Noriko.

With its wispy bangs and natural, light layers, you’ll be turning heads all winter long. If bangs aren’t your thing, the flattering Jon Renau wig Alessandra is always a safe bet. With choppy, angled layers, Alessandra offers super straight and smooth locks that frame (rather than elongate) your face. And as an added bonus, both Robin and Alessandra are synthetic wigs: you won’t even have to worry about styling your hair before your wintry date!

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