Are Ash Blonde Wigs Warm or Cool?

Are Ash Blonde Wigs Warm or Cool?

Ash blonde is cool. I don’t mean trendy or popular (though it totally is now!). In terms of temperature, ash blonde is a cool color. It has a base color of blue, a color very much on the cool end of the spectrum. In general, as a cool color, ash blonde pairs well with a warm complexion.

 Short Blonde Wig by Forever Young Wigs

Product shown is Daisy Short Side Braid by Forever Young


Ashe Blonde Wigs Online

If the idea of cool and warm hair colors just confuses you, don’t worry. It used to go right over my head too. See, my actual hair color is a dark ash blonde, but I didn’t sport that color for a majority of my life. Back in my teens, ash blonde wasn’t as stylish as it was now. Warm and honey blonde was all the rage then. I knew absolutely nothing about complexions and shades then. I was simply impressionable and wanted to emulate the hair color everyone else had. As I sat in the stylist’s chair, I pointed confidently to a warm gold shade in the color book.


As it turns out, I should have stuck with my natural looks. My complexion is warm, so I should not have gone with an equally warm color. Ash blonde would have been the way to go. The golden hue looked brassy and tended to wash me out. Still, if you can believe it, I kept that mismatched color for years. I was committed! Eventually, I grew bored and, with no better ideas, I turned back to ash blonde. Phew! That was the right move.


You probably want to ensure you choose the right hair color too. There are three types of skin complexions: cool, warm, or neutral. Cool tones are associated with pink or red undertones. Warm tones have a peachy or golden tone. Neutral is either a mixture of both or neither. Want a quick test to figure out which you are? Take a look at your wrist. If your veins appear to be blue or purple, you’re cool. If they are green, you’re warm. When you want to pick a hair color, go for the opposite of your complexion. For those with warm complexions, find yourself a cool hair color, like ash blonde! If you have a cool complexion, go warm, like my ill-fated golden blonde.

Cheap Ash Blonde Wigs

Load by Ellen Wille Wigs

Don’t you love the easy waves of this adorable wig? If you want to try this beautiful ash blonde wig, be sure to get the Sandy Blonde rooted shade.


Kai by Rene of Paris

Ash Blonde Bob Wig by Rene of Paris

Product shown is Kai by Rene of Paris 

The Ice Blonde shade of this wig is so killer. It has an ash blonde base with highlights around the face. This angled bob is sure to turn some heads.


PLF 008HM by Louis Ferre

This sleek shoulder-length wig is going to be your new favorite. The medium shade blonde gets you the ash blonde color of your dreams.

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