How To Store Hair Pieces

How To Store Hair Pieces

More than just a few of us are guilty of tossing things under our bathroom sink or a random bin that gets neglected, but when it comes to storing hair pieces, these are bad habits that need to die. We all know the saying, “out of sight, out of mind” and the same concept goes for those partial hair pieces you may have stowed away in several different locations. You eventually forget where you put your different hair extensions or forget you have them all together. It seems harmless but think about it, you invest a good amount of money in those partial hair pieces, clip-ins, and hair extensions don’t you? So the same way you would store your fine jewelry is the same respect you owe your hair extensions.

Natural Tone Hair Wrap by Christie Brinkley

For starters, proper hair storage is important to ensure that the quality of your hair extensions can last as long as possible. There is nothing worse then going for your clip-in extensions just to find it has become matted and tangled. Problems like that can be avoided by having an organized case to store all of your hair extensions properly and kept together in one area. There are many options for hair extension storage that include simply having a designated drawer for only hair extensions, using soft pouches to keep different hair extensions separate from others, or by using simple ziplock bags!


Hair storage becomes most important when traveling. You pack all of your toiletries in a bag when traveling right? So why not pack your hair extensions in a proper bag. Not only does having a specific bag for extensions help with packing, it helps you stay organized when you finally get to your destiny. Using a hanger to conveniently hang your extensions where you can get to them easily wherever you’re staying; so no more loosing your extensions to housekeeping’s vacuum.


When it comes to storing your hair extensions, think smarter not harder. The price you pay for not being mindful of how you store your hair extensions is not worth the headache you will go through when trying to find and piece together all of your extensions for a hairstyle. A small investment into a storage container, soft pouch, or storage bag can be the difference between matted extensions or well-kept extensions. Make the change today and chose the easier route, get organized, and make sure you get the most out of your hair extensions you’ll be happy you did. 



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