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How to Save For Your Dream Wig

Anything worth having in life takes time. I know that isn’t fun to hear. Most of us can’t buy our dream home or car in cash. It involves months or years of saving up enough money. Wigs can be a large expense too. You may adore a certain wig, but the price tag is just not in the cards for you now. If you’re new to wigs and looking to get your feet wet, or maybe you just need time to save, this guide is for you.

With wigs, the gold standard is Remy human hair with a lace front cap. Of course, these qualities make wigs cost more. If you need a wig now, but can’t afford your dream wig yet, don’t fret! It’s best to start with a less expensive version of the wig you love. For example, if you love a gorgeous human hair wig but can’t buy it now, look for a similar wig made of synthetic fibers. Synthetic is cheaper and typically doesn’t require styling, but it doesn’t offer the same feel of human hair. While you save up money, a synthetic version of your dream wig will fulfill the role until you own your dream wig.

Saving For A Name Brand Human Hair Wig

Saving money is easiest when it’s done gradually. If you need to save $1,000 for a wig, put back $100 every bi-monthly paycheck. In 5 months, you’ll have the money saved you need. If you want to be more aggressive, put back even more each paycheck. Budgeting is important when it comes to big purchases.

I have gone ahead and picked out a “dream” wig and found a high-quality inexpensive version of the same style. You’ll see just how easy it is to save up for your dream wig!

Kim by Jon Renau ($1,669.95) vs Down Time by Raquel ($198.95)

Talk about a dream wig! Kim by Jon Renau is breathtaking. Just take a look at the length! This waist-length (20” long) wig is made of 100% Remy human hair, so you can trust it is of the highest quality. The cap is 100% hand tied for the most natural movement you can get. You can wear the wig straight, as it comes out of the box, or add flowing waves with a curling iron.

 Long Human Hair WigLong Synthetic Wig

Left: Kim by Jon Renau in 12F12 | Right: Down Time by Raquel Welch in SS14/88

If you love the Kim wig and need a stand-in while you save up, I’d recommend Down Time by Raquel Welch. For one fourth of the price of the Kim, you can own Down Time. This synthetic wig comes pre-styled with layered relaxed waves. It still offers the length and the dramatic volume of the Kim wig. Since it is made of synthetic fiber, you can’t use heating tools on it, so you won’t be able to try this wig out in a straight style. Still, the lace front and monofilament wig cap offer a realistic look. Down Time makes a great substitute while you save!

Remember, when it comes to your dream wig, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing! Find an inexpensive version of your ideal wig to hold you over while you save up funds.

 If you need help finding a dupe for your dream wig, don't hesitate to call our Client Care Representatives for assistance at 800-309-1009.

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