How To Keep A Wig From Tangling

How To Keep A Wig From Tangling

Has your hair started to look a little dry, frizzy and tangled lately? Treating dry and damaged hair can cost a fortune, and for all of the expense, many sufferers end up having to replace their wig or pay for a haircut anyway.

Here at, we want to help you try to avoid that with some affordable, natural solutions to a problem everyone has suffered from at one time or another. Check out these five tips for helping your locks be silky smooth!

Wig Conditioner

This one’s a no-brainer: if you’ve been over-washing your wig, or if you don’t consistently use conditioner, it’s time to change your habits! Human hair wigs and Synthetic Wigs alike need help replenishing natural oils. Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are high quality, too—harmful ingredients like formaldehyde can damage and dry out your hair.

Hydra Conditioner by BeautiMark is a great, affordable alternative to your average drugstore conditioner, and is specifically designed to help replenish human hair wigs and extensions (added bonus - you can use it on natural hair, too!). If you’re not looking for wig care products, solutions like an avocado-essential oil blend can also do the trick for all types of natural hair!

Take a Break From Heat Tools

Blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners certainly make our lives easier, but if used too frequently, they can also make our hair dry, limp, and brittle! If you need to style your hair for work, use a product that creates a protective barrier like our Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray to help guard hair against heat damage. Use the lowest heat setting you can, and wet style your hair or wig as often as possible.

Embrace Winter Wig Wear

Spice up your winter wardrobe and grab some cute, silky scarves and hats to help protect your hair this season! Letting your hair brave the ice, wind, and snow alone not only leaves you feeling cold—it can also damage your natural hair or wig. And if you recently dyed your hair or wig, exposure to harsh weather can make that beautiful new color fade much faster than you might have planned. Also, for wig wearers in particular, make sure to never wear your wig to bed: instead, wrap it up with a silk scarf, or let it soak in a moisturizing solution overnight.

Use A Wig Comb!
Brown Human Hair Wig With Bangs

Contrary to old wisdom, brushes can be highly damaging to hair and wigs alike. Most drugstore brushes have harsh bristles that unevenly tear hair and encourage hair dryness. Always avoid metal brushes. Boar bristle brushes are better and much more gentle, but wide-toothed combs are an even safer bet! Combs can be used on wet or dry hair, and can cleanly detangle any knots or other related hair troubles without removing a significant amount of moisture.

Try A Recovery Mask

Does your dry hair or wig seem too far gone for saving? Don’t despair just yet: for an inexpensive last-ditch effort, try a recovery mask like this one by BeautiMark!

Human Hair Wig Shampoo And Conditioner

Designed for treating chemically processed human hair, this mask is an intensive, toxin-free blend of avocado, Goji, and Acai berry. You’ll be amazed at how much just a few treatments can improve your locks. And as with all human hair wig products, you can use this on your natural hair, too!


How do you moisturize your wigs? Tell us your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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