How to Care for a Synthetic Wig

How to Care for Synthetic Wigs

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that there’s a difference between human hair and synthetic hair. Still, it’s important to remember the materials are different so you know how to properly care for your wig. If you try to wash or style a synthetic wig like its human hair, you might find yourself with a dull damaged wig, and we can't have that! 

Check out your biological hair now. The follicle of each strand starts under your skin. Hair is made from a strong protein called keratin. Even if you’re not science-inclined, you have undoubtedly seen that term on shampoos or vitamin bottles. A shiny layer called the cuticle covers the keratin. The body also produces natural oils to protect and nourish the hair. 

Obviously, synthetic is a different game. We haven’t managed to perfectly duplicate human hair in the lab, but we get close. The strands of a synthetic wig are man-made fibers and polymers. A lot of materials can be used in wigs, including silicone, acrylic, vinyl, or silk, just to name a few. Synthetic hair doesn’t benefit from a cuticle layer or natural oils. This is why synthetic wigs need special care.

How To Take Care Of Synthetic Wigs

Once you receive a new synthetic wig, give it a wash before you wear it. Before washing your wig, be sure to detangle the strands. The easiest way to detangle involves mounting the wig on a wig stand. In a pinch, though, laying the wig on top of a paper towel roll or even flat on a tabletop can do the job.

Using a wide-tooth comb, start at the bottom of the wig and work your way up. Do not use an average brush you would use on your biological hair. That’s a quick way to damage the fibers. A wide tooth wig comb can help protect against breakage.

Washing A Synthetic Wig

Much like real hair, you don’t need to wash your wig every day. For synthetic wigs, once a week is a good rule. Again, don’t use the same products you’d use on your natural hair (are you noticing a pattern?) This cleansing duo by Beautimark is specially formulated to keep your synthetic wig looking amazing.

To wash, fill a sink or bowl with cold water. You only need a small amount of shampoo, about a tablespoon. Work the shampoo gently through the wig. Remember to shampoo and clean the cap as well! After the shampoo is washed out, repeat with the conditioner. If you like, you can go with a leave-in conditioner. Try this paraben-free one!

After washing, of course, you’ll need to dry. For synthetic hair, allow the wig to air dry on a wig stand or somewhere similar. I repeat: let the wig air-dry. Yes, even the heat-friendly wigs. Just put away the hair dryer!

Storing A Synthetic Wig

Once your wig is clean and dry, you need to store it. Your most important job is to keep your wig cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. Many wearers prefer to store their wig on their wig stand. If you need a longer-term solution, you can opt to keep it in the original box and stow it away in the closet. Take care of your wig and it will keep you looking fabulous for longer!


Got any tips and tricks when it comes to caring for synthetic wigs? Share your advice in the comments!


Hi Kauai,

The main difference would be the brands that offer different color and style options as both are good quality brands under the same manufacturer. The Christie Brinkley brand is no longer available due to a decision by the manufacturer to discontinue it. Wig caps are preference-based but essential for under hair care. In order to get the full extent out of your piece, please consider using our BeautiMark Synthetic Care products to help revitalize and maintain the fiber. We recommend using a wide-tooth comb to help detangle the fiber. You can always forecast when the unit is ready for a wash by a simple smell test or simply every 8-9 wears.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact me anytime Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 6:30 pm CST. Call TOLL FREE 1-800-581-2001. Thank you!

Best Regards,
WigOutlet Rep

WigOutlet Rep

This is my first wig purchase. I was trying to find the Christy Brinkley synthetic wigs but the site is not available here. So quality wise is there any difference between the two?
Also what’s the advantage of using a cap? I see women on tv wearing the lace ones. Is there a benefit with these? Will I need any other tool to care for a wig other than washing and letting it dry? I’m looking at the Rachel pixie wig. After washing do I have to reset the style or will it stay through the wash? Sorry for all the questions. I just want to make sure what I’m getting into. Thank you for any assistance you give.


Hi Gail,

If your wig is a synthetic fiber, you do not need to style it after it is washed. As it can damage the fiber if you style with heat tools.

Human hair wigs can be heat-styled like biological hair but not all synthetic wigs can. If you’d like to utilize your flat iron, we recommend you go for a Heat-Defiant Synthetic Fiber or Human Hair.

If you have more questions, we are happy to answer them! Our WigOutlet representatives are available Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM CST at 800-581-2001.

Best Regards,
WigOutlet Rep

WigOutlet Rep

Does the wig need to be styled after it is washed?
If yes, what steps do you recommend?


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