How To Pick The Best Wig Color

Wearing wigs is a necessity for some women and a total choice for others.  Each person has a different relationship and experiences with wigs. Some don't want anyone knowing they wear them...  others are so thankful for the versatility and perfect hair, they are willing to shout it from the rooftops!  If you are the latter, you not only are free to enjoy all the positive aspects of wigs as a true accessory, but you have the freedom to explore different styles and colors!

Choosing The Right Wig Color

COLORS... make all the difference on the perfect fit for you.  Learning about colors and how to match what you need against what you see in those color swatches!  Maybe you don't want to have several colors, but finding that ONE can still be challenging.  

Short, Layered Wig for Women

As you begin to explore colors which may be right for you... expect to find some which really work well for you in all categories of color (Brown, Blonde, Red, or even Gray... its very trendy these days).  However, you will also find, just like in lipstick colors, some may be beautiful to look at but not flattering at all on you.  Be careful not to fall in love with a color just because it is beautiful.  it has to look great against your skin tone. 

Wig Color Confusion

COLOR CONFUSION is an official condition... OK... maybe it inst an official condition, but it can be a barrier to a smooth choosing process. It seems choosing the right color or colors for wigs and hair pieces is the number one reason many women cant or font find the right piece for them the first time around.  It seems not knowing exactly how to pick a color for wigs or picking the wrong color is not a simple process but you can make it much easier.  When choosing colors online you want to get it right the first time. Don't you just hate having to return? So here are some tips on how to increase you odds for success and feel more confident about choosing color:

Long, Platinum Blonde Human Hair Wig

Understand that color works like temperature. You've probably always heard the terms "warm tones and cool tones" but perhaps never completely grasped how that works in relation to choosing color for yourself.  Color basically goes in to two categories.... warm, which is  It turns out once you understand which tones are best for your skin tone… You can be a blonde, brunette, or redhead and look so natural! You probably never thought you could pull off a color in each of these color families.... but you can! 


Pick your partner then your color. Every brand has their own group of colors and naming conventions. It's important you pick the style/brand you would like BEFORE you attempt to choose the color.  It makes the process easier if you choose your wig first and then choose the color.  

Wigs With Dark Roots

Go Natural! This doesn't mean go with your natural/original hair color. It means choose a color which makes your wig look completely natural. Rooted colors are my #1 tip for giving the most natural look.  Even a subtle darker root will do the trick!  If you just can't get used to the idea of the rooted look, make sure to choose a blended color as they give more depth to the hair color.  A solid color has a tendency to look less natural.  This doesn't mean you can't go with a bold color.   One of my favorites is an auburn rooted color that is very bold.... but it is rooted;)

Change your color to match the seasons. Our wardrobe changes with the seasons… why shouldn't our color?  Go richer deeper colors for winter and brighter or lighter versions in spring/summer.  There really are no rules but it gives you a great opportunity to change it up.  

Have fun with it! Wigs are nothing more than the opportunity for perfect hair if you don't have it!...That's it. Everyone who knows this is wearing them. You'd be shocked to know how many women wear wigs! So have fun with it.  Each one of us can pull off several colors which will look great on you.  Find yours!

Don't think your brave enough to try new colors? Pick a place where you can go or you can feel comfortable to try out a completely different color (good excuse for a little vaca!) and you'll see... it's amazing what a little color change does for you!

We would love to hear your thoughts on finding color... Below:

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