Four Wig Styles for Spring 2019

Four Wig Styles for Spring 2019

What are the best wigs for Spring? Season changes are the best time of year to launch a new look and a new you. If you are a wig-wearer, you know the versatility that wigs can bring and what better time of year to make a statement than now during the spring season?

Spring brings about a rise in temperature and lots of opportunities to spend time in the sun. With that in mind, it can be a fun time of year to wear short or tapered short cuts,  bob cuts, and anything else that doesn’t necessarily generate more heat beneath your favorite hair accessory. Not sure which direction to go this season? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are four wig styles for Spring 2019!

Kristen Wig by Jon Renau

Product shown is Kristen by Jon Renau

Kristen is a deliciously cute bob cut wig that frames the face. It’s a lace front wig that not only delivers style but provides comfort which can be especially crucial during Spring months, a time in which temperatures and humidity can slowly begin to rise and make wearing wigs a little more challenging if you are spending the bulk of your days outdoors.

Spring is an fantastic time to add a bit of color to hair accessory choices therefore, when selecting your bob cut, don’t be afraid to change things up with a splash of color.

Tori by Rene of Paris
Bob Wig with Bangs
Product shown is Tori by Rene of Paris

The Tori by Rene of Paris is a blunt bob cut and best-seller that not only delivers fashion but an amazingly sleek and angled cut with alluring bangs that you can further style to fit your needs. Blunt cuts will continue to be a popular trend throughout 2019, and this wig does not disappoint. Bob cuts may sometimes look conservative, but you can also make them look edgy with just a few minor tweaks to these styles.

This wig is low maintenance which makes it perfect for the Spring season in which you are ready to get out and about and enjoy the weather without a whole lot of muss and fuss.

Textured Fringe Bob by Hairdo Wigs

The Textured Fringe Bob by Hairdo is the perfect Spring wig for the active gal who needs style without having to give a whole lot of effort. This heat-friendly synthetic wig is available in several colors and is yet another fantastic way for you to add layers and much color should you choose to do so this season with your wig choices.

Carrie Exclusive by Jon Renau
Wigs for Black Women
Product shown is Carrie Exclusive by Jon Renau

The Carrie Exclusive is the perfect spring wig for those wig wearers not looking to wear a short style but not necessarily seeking long hair that flows midway down their back. This lace front wig is a fun, and versatile LOB or long bob cut that you can do amazing things to switch up the style. From tousled beach waves to flat iron flips, this wig will give you everything you need without pains of having to wear excess hair to achieve your most perfect look.

These are just some of the wigs we think you should try for the spring season. Don’t be afraid to embrace the season to create a brand new you!

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What wig will you be rocking this spring? Leave a comment and let us know!

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