Finding the Best Wig Stylist

Unexpectedly, my beloved wig stylist moved away last year. After years of trusting my precious wigs to only her, she announced she would be moving several states away. I felt excited for her and this new adventure in her life. I was sad for myself, though. I was a woman with no country. Most importantly, my wigs were without a stylist! Cue the panic.

Wig Stylist

If you aren’t a salon regular, the anxiety of it all may be lost on you. After my old stylist announced her departure, I started having flashbacks of my past hair traumas. Honestly, it’s been years but I’m still not over the stylist who managed to give me orange hair instead of blonde. Another gave me obnoxious zebra stripe highlights when I would have obviously preferred something subtler. I won’t lie; a lot of my confidence is wrapped up in my hair. I have a feeling a lot of readers feel the same.

Finding The Best Wig Stylist

If you need a new trustworthy stylist too, I can help you with the search. Social media may have its problems, but when searching for a stylist, it does become a handy tool. Visit the Facebook page of the salon you’re scoping out and read the reviews. Obviously, you want more four or five star reviews. If you start seeing more and more bad reviews, it’s time to pick a different salon!

Another great way to find a local wig salon is to crowd source your search. Post on your own personal social media or in local groups and ask for recommendations for stylists in your area. Word-of-mouth reviews like this are more reliable than faceless reviews, because you know the people making them. Pay attention if a recommendation comes from someone whose hair you adore! Also, don’t forget to check out the salon or stylist’s Instagram, once you find a potential lead. Most Instagram-savvy stylists post before and after photos. 

 Wig Stylist

Remember, consultations are still very much a thing. When you’ve narrowed it down, book a consultation with the salon of your choice. This way you can have a one-on-one discussion about what you are looking for. You can gauge if this salon and stylist are the right choice for you by the conversation. This is the time to be clear about your desires.

A consultation is a lot like a job interview. That’s not to say you need to request a resume, rather, in your chat; determine if the stylist has the experience and skills you are looking for. Ask yourself these questions during the consultation:

1) Did he/she remember my name?

2) Were my desires heard?

3) Were attainable recommendations made based on these desires?

4) Did he/she have clients asking for them, calling or waiting for them during the consultation?

Experienced and talented wig stylists will have a greater-than-average clientele. If clients are calling, booking appointments, and even waiting for them in the waiting area, this in indicative that they have all had great experiences and want to come back. Be wary of a salon or stylist that has slow business. Chances are, there's a good reason why. 

Choosing A Wig Stylist

In the end, choosing a wig stylist isn’t a scientific process. It’s a lot of gut instinct and feelings. “Good vibes only” may be cliche now, but that’s what you’re looking for. If you get a bad feeling, trust it. It is so vital that you feel comfortable with your stylist. You will hopefully trust them with your hair for years to come. And make sure to never rush into an unknown salon; take your time. Enter the stylist-customer relationship informed.

 Wig Stylists

Fortunately, I’ve learned to trust again. My new wig stylist and I are very happy together. She gives me the exact cut I want and, well, I pay her for it. It’s just a bonus that she’s a lovely person on top of that. With any luck, we’ll keep this going for years!

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Are you happy with your wig stylist? How did you find the one? Let us know in the comments!

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