Monofilament Wigs for Comfortable Wear

Monofilament Wigs for Comfortable Wear

One of biggest concerns when buying a wig, is comfort. A comfortable wig should feel like you’re not wearing a wig at all. To get the most comfortable wig possible, you've got to have a monofilament wig cap.

Product shown is Upper Cut by Gabor

A monofilament wig is:

● Made to last. Every strand of your wig’s hair is carefully tied or sewed into the monofilament material to prevent breakage.

● Natural-looking. Most people won’t even know you’re wearing a wig! Because the monofilament is so thin, your wig hair can move almost as easily as natural hair.

● Breathable. The monofilament cap is made of a thin and transparent fabric that is designed to feel lightweight and comfortable. If you suffer from a sensitive scalp, you should definitely invest in a monofilament wig!

Short Monofilament Wig
Muse by Raquel Welch

Natural Looking Monofilament Wigs

Of course, monofilament wigs also tend to be expensive. But here at WigOutlet, we make the high-quality wig you’ve been dreaming of affordable. So, check out these four monofilament wigs you can have without breaking the bank!

Alessandra Monofilament Wig by Jon Renau


Product shown is Alessandra by Jon Renau

If you’re looking for a wig that’ll turn heads, Alessandra is a safe bet! This is a synthetic wig that looks anything but: its long layers and lace front top ensure that you’ll have everyone thinking Alessandra is your natural hair.

And unlike most synthetic wigs, you’ll have multiple ways to part and style your hair for a more flexible day-to-day look. If you’re feeling bold, try the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle variant for a unique, eye-catching blend of red and brown.

Heidi Monofilament Wig by Jon Renau
Product shown is Heidi by Jon Renau

This boho chic wig is so natural looking and, just as important, comfortable! You’ll have that free-flowing look that celebrities spend hours in the salon chair to create, and at an affordable cost (and without all the upkeep!).

Heidi is that perfect length where you get long layers without feeling weighed down. The thick and wavy texture of this synthetic wig is also perfect if you want volume. I personally love this wig in Dark Auburn Frost—it’s simple and muted for a synthetic wig, yet it still makes a statement!

Upstage Monofilament Wig by Raquel Welch

Product shown is Upstage by Raquel Welch

If you’re looking for cheap wigs that don’t look cheap, Upstage is the perfect wig for you. This synthetic wig is heat-friendly, allowing you a variety of styling options without the hassle that comes with human hair maintenance.

The monofilament cap is also entirely hand-tied, which facilitates natural-looking hair movement. And since it’s a bob, Upstage offers just enough length to flatteringly frame most facial shapes!

Voltage Monofilament Wig by Raquel Welch

Product shown is Voltage by Raquel Welch

This affordable, lightweight, and fully layered style is simply stunning. Voltage is a synthetic wig that will eliminate your morning hair routine. Simply put on your wig and head off to work! And like all lace front wigs, Voltage will look truly natural. Every strand is hand-tied, encouraging natural hair movement, and the lace is almost invisible to the naked eye. Your wig will look as though it is growing out of your scalp!

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Which monofilament wig is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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I’m beginning to shop as my hair is thinning faster than my cats. I’m older, on Medicare, but want to look presentable for my new boyfriend.
The Raquel Welch line has caught my eye.


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