Best Wonder Woman Costume Ideas and the Wig to top it off!

Best Wonder Woman Costume Ideas and the Wig to top it off!

With Halloween right around the corner, many avid celebrators are searching far and wide for how to create the best look. And then last year, women everywhere rejoiced when a superhero entered the fray who wasn’t just pretty.

When Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman hit the screens, within days – possibly even hours – of the film’s announcement and release there were women everywhere posting their versions of the Amazonian warrior’s costume. Below are a few ideas for how to create your costume, as well as where to look for that perfect wig.

Cute Costume Ideas

When you are crafting your Wonder Woman costume, think “strong”, “powerful”, and “stunning”. I have created a lot of costumes in my day, but when trying to design a Wonder Woman costume, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited. There are many ways to go about creating Wonder Woman, but for me, the classic red, white, blue and gold is always the best place to start. Below is my process which can be tailored or altered to best fit your body type and the overall look you are going for.

  • Find a red tank top or shirt you don’t mind cutting up. As Wonder Woman is almost always strapless, I went for a sweetheart neckline top and cut off the sleeves to create a corset style.
  • Find a blue skirt, or high waisted shorts. Now, my friend and I are both doing this costume, and we did each of these. I went for a high waisted dark wash denim short while she went for a navy-blue skirt. Once we found the bottoms, it was time to “star them up.” If you are going canonically with this new film, this is not a requirement, but if you want to be more retro, this detail makes the look super cute!
  • Now for the shoes! When I am designing any costume, I take shoes as being sort of “choose your own adventure.” Basically, whatever you want to wear that is comfortable for you. If you like heels, find a good pair of gold strappy “goddess looking heels”, try gladiator sandals ; if you want to go hardcore with the boots, what I did was find a pair of red boots, took some white tape and created the retro iconic Wonder Woman design. 

The Wonder Woman Wig

Product shown is Vintage Vixen by Forever Young

Once you’ve got the costume together, it is time to get the Wonder Woman hair! If you're like my friend and were blessed with the same coloring as the lovely Gal Gadot, all you may need is some hairspray and a curling iron. However, if you're like me and you have bright red hair (or any other color) it's time to find a suitable wig. One of the best wigs I have come across is Vintage Vixen by Forever Young. Because it is synthetic, it's incredibly workable and has a light wave to mimic Wonder Woman’s effortless flowing hair. 

Creating Costume Accessories

Having trouble creating the crown or the other Wonder Woman accessories? This is where you can get creative! Find some cardboard and sketch a template of a shield, sword and cuffs. Use a headband and cardstock to create the crown, add some acrylic paint to your pieces to bronze them. Add in some gold details and most importantly, have fun!

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Did this help you create the perfect Wonder Woman look? Tell Us what you think! Let us know in the comments below!

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