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5 Ways To Make Your Wig Look Natural

Let’s get real — who doesn’t love to wear wigs? Whether you wear it because your hair is short, or you just aren’t ready to commit to that bold red or poppin’ pastel pink, we get it — the obsession is real. The right wig can make you feel confident & bring a whole other side of yourself to the surface that’s just been dying to let loose! But honestly, there’s a lot more to wigs than just picking the color you want, or choosing the most expensive one on the market. Perhaps the most common & difficult challenge when it comes to wigs is, well — making sure that they don’t look like wigs! So today, we’re going to save you from the embarrassment unnatural-looking wig trauma, & go over our top 5 simple & easy ways you can ensure that your hair is always ready for that red carpet!


Realistic Looking Wigs

1 ) Size Matters

Perhaps the most frustrating part about ordering wigs online is when you discover that it doesn’t fit your head properly, & just like a bad relationship, you’re stuck trying to force it to work when you just know it’s not going to (I see you, Taylor Swift!). And not only is this incredibly frustrating for you, but if you do decide to wear it anyway (since you paid all that money for it after all), it becomes very apparent that you’re wearing a wig & it makes you look cheap & fake. This is because when you wear the wrong size, it can move around or pop up in different areas of your hair & give away the authentic of your hair. So, to avoid this, make sure you measure your head prior to purchasing & see if your measurements fit petite, average, large, or extra large to ensure you’re getting the best quality & look possible for your person needs.


2 ) Pluck Em’!

Parting & plucking wigs can be a bit of a hassle, but it heavily contributes to the natural feature of the hair. Most wigs don’t come pre-plucked, so sometimes the wig knots can stand out like a sore thumb & look very fake. The best way to fix this is problem is to start by parting your wig hair in a way to mimic your natural hair line, & begin plucking away any excess hair. Once you have a proper outline of your hairline, you can move on to plucking away hair throughout the entire wig to create this natural illusion. Although this can be tedious work, taking extra time beforehand to do this will save you from a mess of frustration in the future! Remember, the less “perfectly placed” the hair, the more natural of an appearance. If you don't want the hassle of plucking your wigs, try styles from the brand Ellen Wille - they are known for their natural density! 


3 ) Cut That Lace!

Cutting the lace of a wig is another key step when going for that natural beauty look! After all, what natural hair line is so clean-cut that it has no baby hairs or loose fuzzies hanging out?  To achieve this look, you can start by simply parting a section of your wig hair in the front in the shape that most fits your hair line, pulling the lace of the wig tight with your fingers, & cutting it back to create natural-looking baby hairs. Alongside the plucking & parting of before, this will offer an excellent illusion of natural hair to the hairline of your wig, & will help to frame your face & blend away any wig lines you may be insecure about. 


4 ) Proper Pre-Application Is Everything

Understanding how to apply & secure your wig properly will make or break your look! Depending on your personal needs/preference of wigs & how often you’ll be wearing them, there’s a few different ways to go about this. Depending on the length of your hair, make sure you securely pin it down prior to applying your wig, and ensure your wig cap is smoothed down & tightened before moving onto the actual application. After everything is secured, tilt your head forward & apply your wig, lining it up with your hairline & smoothing it down. After this is done, you can begin adjusting & playing around with it to ensure it fits comfortable & smoothly to your personal preference & style.


5 ) Trim & Style

And lastly, one of the major giveaways that you’re wearing a wig is when it looks a little ‘too’ perfect. More specifically, the parting on your head tends to give away the true authenticity of your hair. Wigs naturally come very out-of-the-box made so to speak, which means everything is very neat, tidy, & artificial looking. If you want to avoid this fake look with your wig, you can spice things up a little bit! And the best way to do that is with a new trim, style, or fresh parting. Pluck some hairs away from the natural parting of the wig down the middle, comb over & cut yourself some new bangs, or even clip away & add some layers. Also, if you don't want to worry about cutting the bangs yourself, try a style that already has bangs like Wave Cut by Hairdo. Get creative with your new weave & have fun with it! This will ensure you’re always looking fresh, on fleek, & 100 % nat-ur-al! 

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