5 Simple Ways to Update Your Wig Style

5 Simple Ways to Update Your Wig Style

Tired of the same old hairstyle and ready for change? We all like to spice things up with our hair once in a while. So, why not try some new hairstyles with the New Year?

Short Blonde Wig

This is the perfect time to make sure you go into 2019 looking fresh and fabulous, so we've made a list of some super simple ways to update your look!

Changing Your Part Direction

We’ve all had those moments where we need a change in our hairstyle. Changing the way you part your hair is just one simple and easy way to update! I used to part from the middle all the time. But eventually the time came when I knew I needed a change. It was subtle and easy, but parting my hair to the left made me look and feel more mature. 

Brown Human Hair Wig with Bangs by Ellen Wille Wigs
Product shown is Carrie by Ellen Wille

Fluffing your hair to the side can also add volume. Your hair tends to be flat when it stays parted the same way all the time because growth patterns are trained. To achieve this with wigs, make sure you get a monofilament cap construction (you'll be able to find the type of cap in the product's description), which allows you to part your hair in any direction. Such an easy way to add volume and dimension!

Get a Clip On Bang

Who doesn’t want the perfect bangs? I know I’ve always wanted really great bangs, but it seemed like whenever I got them cut, they never looked like the model’s perfect bangs in the magazine picture. This is where clip in bangs are a perfect option!

Platinum Blonde Wig

I absolutely love the Clip-In Human Hair Fringe/Bang. This fringe hairpiece has full volume and easily blends in with the rest of your hair. It may be a little more pricey, but it’s made with 100% human hair so it's soft, natural looking and can be styled just like you would your natural hair. So much fun!


Who hasn’t used an accessory item to spice up your hairstyle? I know I love getting those cute little butterfly clips or jeweled bobby pins. The best part about clips and pins is that you can just clip it anywhere if you are in a hurry. When you're getting yourself all dressed up for a night with the girls, you can easily apply them to your hair to kick your look up a notch.

I also like to experiment with ribbons, used as a headband to finish off a fishtail braid look or tied around a ballerina bun! 

Try Clip In Extensions

I’ve been dyeing my hair blonde the last few years. Before dyeing my hair, I used to have thick, soft hair (sure miss those days!) While I love my blonde hair, dying it has left me with breakage and a lack of healthy shine. So, I love adding in some clip in extensions to give my do a boost!

Human Hair Clip In Extension

Perhaps the best part about clip-ins is their super easy application! You simply attach it to a section with pressure sensitive clips, allowing plenty of your natural hair to cover the area of application. It's the perfect way to get the last minute x-factor to put your style over the top before work or a date!

Strands of Bright Colored Extensions!

Are you thinking of an edgy look this New Years Eve? Want to impress with some bright colors? Then we've got just what you need. Try some bold and bright or pastel colored synthetic hair extensions for funky, fun fabulousness!

Purple Hair Extensions

Product shown is 23" Straight HF Synthetic Hair Extensions Kit

I love the color options you get in this kit, they are super pretty and my go-to for parties. So you can bet I'll be sporting these beauties New Years Eve! Personalize this colored hairdo with your own unique flair by braiding the extensions into your natural hair for some pretty contrast.

How are you planning to update your look in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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