5 Noriko Wigs Under $100

5 Noriko Wigs Under $100

Created in 1995, Noriko wigs are known for their hair quality fibers and combination of colors. A true mark of a Noriko wig is their gradient feature which gives unique color to their wigs and have become a trend in today’s fashion realm.

These coveted wigs range in price from fifty to hundreds of dollars. Thankfully at WigOutlet.com, our selection of premium wigs come with affordable discounts with as much as 50% off! If you’re looking for wigs under $100, check out these Noriko wigs from our selection!

Synthetic Bob Wig With Bangs

These wigs under $100 are somewhat of a fan favorite! Sandie is a simple bob cut with a tousled finished for that realistic vibrancy. She’s a synthetic wig, but her ready-to-wear style and practical coloring make her fit for everyday wear. She’s best suit for square, pear, or ova-shaped daces. Sandie comes in Honey Blonde, Sandalwood, Dark Chocolate, Ginger Highlights and many more colors!

Price: $69.95

Blonde Bob Wig

Platinum Blonde Bob Wig

Cory is a unique synthetic wig that is perfect for the prominent businesswoman. She comes in a classic bob style with textured bangs. It’s hard to find quality name brand wigs under $100, but Cory is an excellent solution to that problem. Cory frames round, heart, and oval faces perfectly. We recommend checking out Cory in Silver Stone, Vanilla Lush, or Light Chocolate!

Price: $99.95

Wavy Wig With Cooling Technology

Dolce by Noriko is a synthetic wig that is cut at chin-length. No matter the color you choose, this wig will come in beautiful cascading layers which gives this piece ultimate volume. Dolce is sprinkled with highlights to give it that extra shine, and it wouldn’t be a Dolce without a hint of gradient thrown into the mix!

This Noriko wig is styled so that she’s ready to wear! The cap allows for more air so that the wig fits comfortably and fashionably. We recommend this wig for anyone who has a round or oval-shaped face.  

Price: $96.43


Voluminous Short Wig

Noriko wigs are famous for their gradient color scheme, and one wig that really highlights this feature is Roni. Roni is a multi-layered synthetic wig that will give you the volume you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you get Marble Brown or Dark Chocolate, Roni’s fibers have gradient textures for pops of color for that natural feel. Roni’s tapering edges allow the wig to lay flat on your nape for a comfortable and easy wear. She has a basic cap construction and is best-suited for square, pear, and oval-shaped faces.


Price: $74.95


Curly Wig With Bangs


Now, if you are looking for the best of the best from Noriko wigs, then you have to check out Mariah. Mariah is a simply gorgeous wear that comes in eleven different colors. She’s an elegant bob-cut with soft curls that would make Farrah Fawcett proud. This wig has gentle side-side-sweated bangs and is great for those with diamond, oblong, heart, or oval faces.


Price: $83.95

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