3 Easy Hairstyles For a Special Occasion

3 Easy Wig Styles On A Budget

It’s a given when there is some sort of a special occasion we look to our stylists to hook up our hair for the event. That special occasion could mean a wedding, a prom, birthday bashes, or a red carpet event! For those occasions that don’t quite call for a 3-hour hair appointment at the salon, it’s helpful to know how to do quick hairdos for special occasions. So if you couldn’t be squeezed in for an appointment with your stylist, you are in a time crunch, or you just can’t be bothered with a super fancy hairstyle... these 3 easy hairstyles are just for you.

Long Wig Styles for Hollywood Glam

First up is the Hollywood Glam inspired long wave hair. Now you may be thinking 'what could be easy about this hairstyle?', but you would be shocked at what a few bobby pins can do. To achieve the long wave hair look you will want to section your hair into four large pieces, two in the front and two in the back, keep in mind the kind of part you want, a deep side part is traditional with this style. Once you have the hair sectioned off you will want to take a curling iron and curl your hair as you normally would, then spray with a holding spray, taking your finger roll the hair into a curl, and pin it against your scalp. Once you’ve repeated those steps with all sections of the hair, wait for maybe a half hour and then brush the curls out and mold the hair into the red carpet-ready wave hairstyle.


Long Blonde Curly Wig by Raquel Welch


Bun Hairpieces Give You The Perfect Updo!

This second style is for those with shorter locks. Half updos for short hair make for the best hairdos for special occasions so this is undoubtedly the easiest style of the 3. There are so many ways to do half updos for short hair but one way to turn an average half updo into a special occasion hairdo is adding textures. Wavy or curly hair make for a great foundation to work from, so that is essentially the first step. Wave or curl hair as you normally would, then section the hair evenly in the center top portion of the hair creating a triangle section. Once you have the prefect section you can simply twist the hair section and pin it down for a quick glam special occasion hairdo.


UpDo Curls | Synthetic Hair Bun

You can also achieve this style using UpDo Curls synthetic hair bun by Raquel Welch!


Sleek, Low Ponytail Hairpiece

The last of the 3 easy hairstyles is the sleek ponytail. This one is obviously a no brainer, but with the sleek ponytail details are everything. You begin by brushing through your hair thoroughly making sure to brush out any bumps or kinks. Once your hair is nice and smooth you want to spray some holding spray and take a soft bristle brush and smooth down the front of your hair, and then pull the hair into a tight low ponytail. For added detail, once the hair is secured in a ponytail you can take a small piece of the ponytail and wrap it around your ponytail holder to conceal it for a complete polished look.


Wigs for Black Women


There you have it, 3 simple styles that can all be achieved in an hour or less and with minimal products and tools. No one will be able to tell you whipped up your fancy hairdo in such little time. The most important take away from any of these easy hairdos is that looking good does not have to cost you time and money.. just remember to think smarter, not harder!

What are your favorite easy hairstyles?

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