3 Cheap Human Hair Wigs To Complete Your Look!

3 Cheap Human Hair Wigs To Complete Your Look!

When buying a wig, finding a product that is equal in style, quality, and affordability can be a challenge. Cheap wigs tend to lack in quality if you don't buy from a reputable source, while more flattering, long-lasting wigs can be quite costly. Below are three stylish human hair wigs we love that are available at a great price!

Cascading Blonde Wig by Ellen Wille

Long Platinum Blonde Human Hair Wig
Product shown is Cascade by Ellen Wille

If you like classic, natural waves, Cascade is a godsend. This lace front wig will give you soft, side-swept bangs and long, blended layers of Remy human hair. I especially like this style because of its versatility—human hair wigs are always more moldable to various styles, but the unique length and coloring of this particular wig allows for even more styling options. You could work with your hair stylist to craft waves of glamorous curls, professional straightened locks, a simple updo, or something in-between.

Currently available in light champagne or mocca, Cascade features a monofilament top that will blend well with any skin tone. Cascade best suits heart, oval, round, and square facial shapes, so take a look at one of the following wigs if you have a diamond, oblong, or pear-shaped face!

Emotion Human Hair Wig by Ellen Wille

Wavy Blonde Human Hair Lace Front Wig
Product shown is Emotion by Ellen Wille

Emotion is ideal if you’re looking for an understated, natural look that won’t get in the way of the busyness of your day! You won’t look or feel weighed down by this mane, making it perfect for this blustering fall season. This affordable lace front wig keeps things simple with precision-cut layers and a middle part, but is flexible enough to allow for soft, straightened layers, side-swept bangs, or loose curls that fall just below your shoulders. Made with Remy human hair, Emotion is still available in a variety of colors. My personal favorite is the Chestnut mix—the subtle style of the wig paired with warm auburn colors creates a natural, yet eye-catching look.

Angie Wig by Jon Renau

Human Hair Lace Front Wig
Product shown is Angie by Jon Renau

This pre-permed human hair wig is as budget-friendly as it is fabulous! You’ll never lose body or shape with Angie. Whatever hairstyle you’ve dreamed of, you can create with this human hair wig’s long, bouncy layers. Angie is also available in numerous natural, lightly blended colors that will suit any skin tone. If you’re looking to make a statement, Pralines N Cream is a particularly unique option: this ash blonde hair is blended with shades of red and gold, reminiscent of Old Hollywood.


We want to know what you think! Let us know which cheap human hair wig is your favorite in the comments section below.

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