Henry Margu Wigs SALE | 30% To 70% OFF

Henry Margu Wigs SALE | 30% To 70% OFF

Henry Margu Wigs for Sale

Henry Margu wigs are now available on Wig Outlet at up to 70% OFF! The HENRY MARGU WIG COLLECTION features an amazing variety of styles and colors. Collections ranging from today's hair fashion trends to wigs designed specifically for medical customers. Take a look…and enjoy up to 70% OFF. Hurry these savings won't last!

Wigs by Henry Margu Wig Line

With many years of forward-thinking and creative genius, Henry Margu has achieved the highest wig standards on the market! These wigs offer specialized fiber processing and blending techniques which make designs more manageable and very realistic. Fashion-forward styles, cutting-edge colors blends and quality that's hard to beat. Henry Margu continues to develop cap constructions that are light-weight, comfortable and fun! 


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Please tell me when you will be getting more Henry Margu wigs? I bought the Taylor years ago and no other wig feels as good on an Henry Margu.. I have tried several other brands. One other thing I would like to say is I would rather purchase from your company than any other, everything you do is excellent. “Thank you”
Sincerely with love and appreciation,
Thank you
Jo Tinsman


Hi Karin,

Unfortunately, the Influence Elite by Raquel Welch is only available in select stores only. We do have styles similar to the RW Influence Elite. A few similar styles to Influence Elite by Raquel Welch is Upstage and Soft Focus by Raquel Welch. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,
The WigOutlet Rep

WigOutlet Rep

When will you be getting the new Influence elite wig by Raquel
Welch? I need it! Thanks, Karin


Hi Janet,

All of the wigs on Wigoutlet.com are outlet wigs! Unfortunately, we have sold out of Henry Margu wigs, but we have dozens of alternate options. Browse our site, and if you need assistance, please reach out to our Client Care Representatives at 1-800-309-1009.

- Wigoutlet Rep

Wigoutlet Rep

Hello. Your sale wigs are supposed to be at the wig outlet. Where are they??Nothing comes up.

Janet Orlando

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