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Maxine by TressAllure is a simple shoulder length cut with natural layers and blunt fringe.


  • Mono Top – Soft double mono top gives a perfectly smooth silky touch to your scalp.
  • Adjustable Straps – To tighten or loosen the cap size.
CAP DESIGNWefted / Basic
HAIR FIBERSynthetic Wigs
TEXTUREStraight Wigs
PRODUCT MEASUREMENTSFringe: 3.5” | Crown: 13.5” | Nape: 6.0”
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Maxine S.
United States United States
Too dark

Wrong color, don't wear it

United States United States
Natural, easy, comfortable, pretty... Once you've put in some work

Wigout C's review has prompted me to also write in about my Tressallure experiences. Tressallure must not have strict quality control. We aren't the only consumers leaving reviews about this online. I buy their wigs knowing I'll have to correct box head, perhaps sew weak or damaged wefts and caps, tame return hairs, ***and even a few times now re-glue monotops wherein the layers are peeling apart.*** Yikes. That's asking a lot. I've written to Tressallure about it... I used to just accept it, because I love their fibers, and they have some nice styles at fair price points. Maxine is a favorite of mine, even. Natural, easy, comfortable, pretty... Once you've put all that work into it initially. But I'm starting to burn out on the idea of all that initial work. I do recommend Maxine to someone who likes this sort of style, but with all this as a caveat. Tatum by Amore is a sister wig, with reliable quality. If Maxine came without box head (I have a number of them, and they all came with bad box head) and with more reliable quality control in general, I would definitely prefer her over Tatum.

Alison C.
United States United States
Cute simple style

This is a great everyday wig. It’s not overly styled, so I can wear it to work or in jeans. Very flexible style. Very natural and very comfortable. I have a small head and it fits perfectly. No bagginess or sliding.

wigout c.
United States United States
Not Wig Outlet's fault --Tress Allure doesn't have quality control??

Let me begin by saying the service and people at WigOutlet are great, so this is no reflection on them. Now here's my tale of woe... I bought two Maxine wigs (first time to try them -- usually out of my price range.) as well as another kind (Scorpio) that is my old standard and a very simple style that's hard to mess up. That one was okay... But the Maxines? Now, I love the people at wigoutlet, and I knew I was taking a chance ordering a "no return" outlet wig. I got tempted by a "bargain" and went against my better judgement. Looks like the other customer who reviewed here did not have my problem--hers is beautiful -- (I'm envious!)-- exactly what I wanted (same color, too). But the two I got (Cola Swirl and English Tea) were not wearable or even fixable. I effectively threw $170 in the trash. Maxine is a very basic style, so I didn't think I'd have a problem if they were not exactly right -- but the two I got were beyond repair. Individual "hairs" were broken off and sticking up all over. Whole pieces had been sewn in wrong at the factory. When I held each one up or put it on a stand, I could actually see big hunks on one side that were sewn in at the wrong place and the wrong angle. A friend with experience worked with them after I tried. But when we thinned out the chunks that had been sewn in wrong, it just left a hole in that part of the wig. Really, the manufacturer should not have sold these to wig stores at all-- they were that bad.But it was impossible to tell, looking at them in the box and wrapped in the net, so who would know? Their quality control people should have put them in the reject bin -- don't know how these two ended up getting sent out to a retailer rat all -- it's unfair to both the retailer outlet and the poor customer who is unlucky enough to randomly get the messed-up ones.. First time I ever bought a Tress Allure -- and the last. Can't afford to throw away money. I jumped at the price, so it was my own fault. And you can tell from looking at the other reviewer's pic, not all the Maxines were messed up like the ones I happened to get. Just turned out that mine were put together wrong in the factory, and it was impossible to tell until the buyer took them out of the box and shook them out. (Doesn't Tress Allure have quality control in their factories??) But congrats to the reviewer who got the beautiful wig pictured here. It's just what I wanted and was expecting. I'm so disapointed!)

Susan B.
Canada Canada
Maxine - Absolutely beautiful

She is SO natural looking. Cola Swirl is a lovely colour ... cool dark brown with whisps of platinum and dark auburn. As I am 70, the platinum looks like a few gray hairs - completely natural. There was no where to publish a picture, otherwise I would have put one here. Susan. Niagara Falls, Canada. Maxine | Synthetic Wig (Mono Top) | CLOSEOUT Review